What is Radifree?

Many research studies have proved that regular use of cellphones cause the heating of brain tissue and affect the cells on a molecular level.

Professor Dr.David from the University of New York State, says that 30 percent of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Scientists have strongly suggested that parents should not allow children under the age 16 to use mobile devices. High frequency EMF waves do lead to increase in blood pressure and other difficulties.

A high margin of electro-magnetic radiation is transferred from mobile phones and is one of the largest threats on public health today. We cannot avoid mobile phone usage form our daily life but we can take action to protect ourselves against these heating and highly electro-magnetic radiations.

What is the solution?

Radifree is the ultimate solution! Radifree is a anti-radiation chip shield which can protect our brain from heating and radiation. Many research studies have proved that regular use of mobile phone can cause the heating brain tissue and effect the cells.